Gabriel Garrick

Trumpet & Flugelhorn


Gigs - JAZA 16


Gigs "Introducing Mick Garrett" - Featuring recordings spanning the years 1982 - 2000: Live at Pizza Express/Festival Hall/Reading University/National Theatre w/Trevor Tomkins/Dave Green/Alan Jackson/Paul Moylan + solo pno tracks. Piano trio music at it's highest ebb!

Mick Garrett is a cockney pronunciation to be heard in many a casual utterance. [Michelle Gatwick is another]. Here you have the reality: live performances on Steinway grands to nameless battered uprights, the usual instrument of no choice in pubs and clubs. [1982 - 1990] An affectionate tip of the hat to the perpetrator in the title and you have a beautiful collection of trio recordings from gigs recorded at venues including the National Theatre, the Purcell Room the Royal Festival Hall and the Pizza Express cellar. Yet Garrick is on fine form throughout with long-standing partners in rhythm Dave Green (bass) and Trevor Tomkins (drums) as well as with more recent but equally skilled colleagues Paul Moylan (bass) and Alan Jackson (drums). Working in free-wheeling trio format gives Garrick the chance to excel with his subtle and sympathetic comping skills, as well as take off with rip-roaring solos over a solid backing of substance. There are solo piano gems of standards Out of Nowhere , I Can't Get Started and Prelude to a Kiss with ubiquitous but essential Garrick originals, including Fairies of Oneiros and Prayer. An earth shattering Cherokee completes the selection.

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