Gabriel Garrick

Trumpet & Flugelhorn


Expansions is a new vehicle of musical expression for 2014: 

"Gabriel Garrick's New Quartet plays a mixed repertoire based largely from the accessible jazz standards end of things. 
As well as including some of Gabriel's own compositions the quartet also plays some of the late Michael Garrick's 'standards' which are drawn from his music library spanning over 50 years. 
Good swinging feel, adherence to melodic clarity and the application of sympathetic creative integrity are the key elements in this fresh quartet!  

The quintet came together whilst Gabriel was guesting on a jazz session at a fine eatery establishment in Teddington which is now fast becoming known for it's excellent jazz music as well. Terry Collie (piano) was hosting the session and had gathered together Dave Jones (bass) and Paul Cavaciuti (drums). The session was a breath of fresh air for each musician and just felt right. Rather like slipping on a comfy pair of old battered slippers after returning from a ten mile hike! So it was decided to bring about more of the same. At the suggestion of the committee at Berkhamsted Jazz Club, for a particular date, we augmented the quartet with the presence of the marvellous Dominic Ashworth (guitar). The inaugural gig with the full quintet was Superb. A studio date is coming soon..